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Review Rules & Guidelines

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1 Review Rules & Guidelines on Sat Feb 18, 2012 6:49 pm

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Review Rules
  • Forumotion forums only! If you're forum is not from forumotion, we will simply refuse it.
  • Bumping your request for attention is permitted, but the post must be separated from your last post with a 72 hour time span. If a member has tagged your review, bumping will no longer be necessary, but patience will be.
  • Reviewer Harassment is prohibited. You may not disturb the reviewer while he is in the process of completing your request. You must be patient and wait for your free review.
  • Only Administrators of your forum can request a review here.
  • All forums that are requested to be reviewed must be in English! If it is not in English, your request will be refused.
  • Once your review has been tagged, no one else may tag it. The tagger must complete it unless he/she requests that it be un-tagged due to an issue.

Review Type Requirements:
  • Quick Review ~ Forum Posts: 30 ll Forum Members: 5

Requesting Form:

Quick Review:
[b]Name of the Forum:[/b] Information Here
[b]Forum url:[/b] Information Here
[b]Type of Review (Do not Edit):[/b] [u]Quick Review[/u]
[b]Username on the board:[/b]Information here

Forum Areas (Two & One Area Reviews Only)
  • Quick Review - The first impressions of a reviewer on the forum,

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